h o m e | n e w s | r e l e a s e s | a u d i o | v i d e o | g a l l e r y | c o n t a c t  

Mixed and engineered at Black Cube 2016. Made in England. Artwork by tk.

Released: March 1st 2016

Label: Luma Volta (www.lumavolta.org)

Catalog ID: LV-0007

Format: Full 13-track release on all main digital channels plus a limited physical release.

All tracks copyright (c)(p) The Amber Tapes 2011-16. All Rights Reserved.


't í k'


1. Day Zero
2. Contra Selfi
3. Minkowski Space Time
4. The Whip
5. Fractal
6. Subspace (dark matter)
7. 13:26
8. Tík
9. Möbius Strip
10. Disconnect (Cuckoo)
11. Dry Riser
12. Metalbox
13. Closer

Click the image below to download the special edition lookbook in PDF format ~21MB (TAT-008)

Dark, trippy, beautiful subspace electronica at its finest. Intricately layered with stripped beats, vintage analog synth, live analog electronics, found samples with tape loops and vocal cuts. These tracks are best appreciated up loud, with a decent pair of headphones and a dimly lit room. Includes a free 15-page 'lookbook' of specially commissioned artwork for the album (pdf format), see below.

Differences from the pre-release (2015): The preview release in late 2015 has ten of these tracks, but several are in a pretty rough shape. All tracks on the full release were rearranged and digitally remastered, with three completely new tracks written.


Selected tracks are available on SoundCloud, or you can listen free to all tracks at Bandcamp


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Sleeve design, artwork and photography by tk (c) 2016

cd front cover:

cd back cover:



pre-release demos ...check the soundcloud, myspace, youtube and last.fm links for pre-release material

© 2016 The Amber Tapes