h o m e | n e w s | r e l e a s e s | a u d i o | v i d e o | g a l l e r y | c o n t a c t  

Mixed and engineered at Black Cube 2014. Made in England. Artwork by tk.

Released: January 2014.

Label: Luma Volta (www.lumavolta.org)

Catalog ID: LV-0004

Format: Full 15-track release on all main digital channels plus a limited physical release.

All tracks copyright (c)(p) The Amber Tapes 2011-14. All Rights Reserved.


'm u'


1. Dry-13
2. Control Theory
3. Bipolar
4. Warp Within
5. Basque (Ceremony)
6. Black Box
7. Slow Ascent
8. Tilt
9. Sink Speed
10. Bleached
11. Mira Star
12. Speed Dirge
13. Speed Trials
14. Blimp
15. Subsonic


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Artwork for this release can be found below.

These images are not quite what they first appear. The final image is the result of a number of transformations, usually of a more ordinary object or scene, mangled several times until it arrives at this new form by accident. The trick is knowing when to stop.

cd front cover:

cd back cover:

...art & photography by tk 2014



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