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Influences... in no particular order... old dusty analog gear, rainy days up north, pink, black and white noise, warped vinyl, slowed down strings, places where people gather, hammered metal, high flying aircraft, humming generators, waves hitting sea defences, the sub-bass from engine chugs, hollow places, thick woody thuds, that sweet resonance threshold with VCF, Jack Daniels, onions with chillis...


b i o

"Subspace electronica with wires and tape..."

The Amber Tapes, originally from Manchester, turn their obsession with vintage analog machines into dark melodic electronica. The result is a mixtape of gorgeous looping soundscapes, the kind you might find in a Lynch movie. Tracks are built organically, nothing planned, with live electronics intricately layered over processed field samples, tape loops, and stuttering beats from drum machines that have seen far better days; each element added and taken away until something happens... or not.

Sometimes tracks start on a particular thread, ending at an different destination; sometimes splintering into nothing. Best listened to in a dark room with the headphones cranked up.

Discography: A split EP 'Falling Mass Static" was released in 2010 on German underground label Against it Records (AIR). Since then there have been 3 full album releases, 'Otsu' (2011), 'Mu' (2014) and 'Tík' (2016), as well as collaborations with various artists with free streaming downloads.

"...The Amber Tapes’ inserts more and more alien sounds and musical twists that make their music unpredictable and tempting. The closing part, “Still”, is perhaps the most dramatic and beautiful moment on the album, as different reversed sounds collide and create a strong contrast between them and the great melody. This epic piece ends the album with an engaging and rare music..."

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